Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st

Happy December, everyone!

December offers holidays such as Yule and the Christian/secular Christmas. We got Bastian a new car seat stroller combination for Christmas, a Christmas outfit, new pack of bottles to get rid of the ones daddy and I hate, and new pacifiers. He's two months old, there's not a whole lot we can give the little guy.

First snow was last night. Yay. Not really. The next couple of weeks are super busy. We have a meeting with OWF today at one, tomorrow I have WIC at 1030, a doctor's appointment at 2. 3, 4, 5 nothing. 6th Chris has therapy and a doctors appointment. 7th nothing, 8th Chris has to be at OSU for an appointment with the neurosurgeon. 9th therapy for me. And then, so far nothing until the 13th when we both go in for dentist work. But we'll have therapy and random stuff that just isn't scheduled yet. Busy busy busy.

Todays plans: OWF @ 1PM, put laundry away, dust dining room/living room, floors, litterbox, update Bastian's baby book.

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