Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ah, it's Thursday

It is 10:34 AM on a snowy Thursday morning. Good grief, I would much rather be sleeping. And little guy is taking a nap with grandma, so why aren't I? Oh yeah, because the dentist office called me bright and early to see if I could take an appointment today. I decided, no, I wanted to wait until this infection is gone before I let them create anymore open wounds in my mouth. So, here I sit, a comfortable 56 degrees in the room and steadily rising because, apparently, I am the only one who thinks 56 is comfortable. Waiting for my little guy to get up. Mom and Chris are supposed to put plastic up on the windows, so I will take my shift with Bastian then. And while Chris does the litterbox. Then I might let Chris have some time with his son so I can send out a thing to my advisor and help Mom get the bulk of the housework done. If we split it up, we can do it! Theeeennnnnnn... family bonding time over Frosty or Rudolph or some other Christmas show I've seen a million and one times but Bastian would absolutely adore? I think we can fanagle that.

I woke up nearly painless today. How long it will last, I have no idea, but I think it is a good sign. Maybe sooner rather than later I will wake up completely painless and stay that way. Huzzah! A little bit of the no pain thing until I get my wisdom teeth out please.

Chris got his new phone yesterday. He is adoring it. If you want the number message me on facebook. All I ask is that you remember it is not my phone, don't spam me with messages, get upset because I can not answer right away, or expect me to run the phone bill up calling you all the time. Chris is nice enough to let me use it, don't abuse that privilege.

It's beginning to feel a little more like Christmas with the white snow and the ice and the just general YUCK. Yule... ahhhhh... I get to have more work done on my teeth. So much fun.

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